A copywriter: worth the investment?

Recognize this? You’re looking for a new car. Comparing brands, models, features and color is fun. Taking it for a test drive is great. Haggle about the cost and calculate the turn-in price. Once the new automobile shines in your driveway, you’ll be proud to drive it (and it does make you happy!). It takes […]

UK or USA spelling?

Have you ever wondered how to spell the word colour? Or is it color? Do you use aluminium foil or aluminum foil at home? Is Wimbledon’s final played at Centre Court or Center Court? The difference in these words is where they originate from. Some are British; some are American. This is an awesome video […]

How to write copy that matches your business?

What suits you? Have you ever given a second thought about why you enjoyed your favorite book so much? It does not solely depend on the story itself. Many factors have influence. Such as the style of writing and the author’s choice of words. Apparently, the writing style of your book was appealing to you […]